The wind of the TUBE is blowing a fashionable lifestyle for the city of London.
The ultra-lightweight TUBE provides you with a colorful that infuses a fun trend for the rainy days!


Catch up with the trend of TUBE

A new fashion is emerging in the London TUBE in the rainy days.
Trains that shuttle inside the “tubes” are carrying people of all unique styles going everywhere
Bringing an unstoppable vitality to this magnificent city.


Simplistic Design and Ultra-lightweight

Three unique functions of TUBE help you to be prepared and maintain your good mood when a sudden rain falls.

Point1. Carbon fibers ribs
Super strong and weighs only 87 grams
Point2. AquaRepel & UVshield
Super fast dry & UPF50+ capability
Point3. WindBrace
Special rib structure that allows the ribs to bend upward when the wind is too strong, so the umbrella won't be damaged.


01. Weighs only 87 grams!
02. High-density canopy fabric
03. Compact in size
04. Nano water-repellency & UPF50+
05. EAN: Black - 4718008940056; Blue - 4718008940063; Red - 4718008940070; Green - 4718008940087
Size:49.5cm*6 rips
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