Stonehenge of UK has been standing still for over 5,000 years, and it was used to measure the position of sunrise and sunset.

Now, Stonehenge of A.Brolly has adopted the same concept. Not only it is huge and sturdy, it also consists of multiple patented functions that are not available anywhere else.



The best combination of functions and eco-friendly

When designing the Stonehenge, A.Brolly focused on functionality and eco-friendliness, and we finally come up with this spectacular umbrella that not only offers the ultimate user experience but also help save the Earth.


A masterpiece with function and eco in mind

A.Brolly Stonehenge utilizes several self-owned patents in one umbrella to offer you the ultimate experience: it is huge, super easy to close, the canopy can rotate when it goes against any foreign objects, and it is the most eco-friendly umbrella in the market!

Point1. Vortex
The canopy can rotate by itself when your Stonehenge is hit with anything.
Point2. AntiBlaster
The shaft can lock up section by section when you are closing the Stonehenge to allow easiest closure,
Point3. EcoStream
Canopy is made of recycled PET bottles and dyed with one drop of water.


01. Huge canopy in the size of 122cm diameter
02. Patented Vortex function that can spin away anything that comes your way
03. AntiBlaster mechanism offers you the easiest closing exprerience of automatic umbrella
04. Each Stonehenge consumes 6 recycled PET bottles and the fabric is dyed without one drop of water
Size:68.5cm * 8 rib foldinge umbrella
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