The Royal Kew Gardens alongside the Thames River became a stage for noble ladies to complete their styles in the 19th century
Now, A.Brolly KEW series is elegant as ever, inviting you to add to your romantic style.


Relive the Romantic Style

Lace, gauze, and satin gave a romantic and elegant touch for the 19th century Victorian royal ladies.

The Kew Gardens alongside the Thames River was once a paradise for noble ladies to showcase their luxury lifestyles.
The scenes of the Kew Garden in those glorious eras now become the inspiration and distinctive decoration of the A.Brolly KEW series.



Be elegant regardless of harsh sun and pouring rain

The three functional designs that help you maintain your graceful pace under harsh sun and pouring rain.


01. Flower shape canopy design
02. FRP ribs and high-quality icon shaft
03. Umbrella cover can be stuffed inside the handle during umbrella use
04. UPF50+ UV protection
05. EAN: Dot - 4718008940032; Cherry - 4718008940049
Size:58.5cm*6 rips
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