The transparent POE umbrella widely beloved by UK people and its royal family alike, and this series is inspired by the sunny, diverse and colorful characteristics of the city of Brighton.



A very British umbrella series with a special rib mechanism

In addition to its very British design, the Brighton series is equipped with a specially designed rib mechanism that can withstand crazy wind without inverting.


A rib system that holds up against strong winds

Point1. Special windproof rib system
A new rib structure specially designed to hold up under strong wind.
Point2. British POE umbrella design
Britain's most beloved umbrella style designed by British designers.
Point3. Full protection
With a huge canopy size of 104 diameter to fully cover one person.


01. Glass fiber ribs with special windproof mechanism
02. 104cm extra large canopy size
03. Bright and colorful British original designs
Size:66cm * 8 ribs, automatic open
Color:London Skyline/Poppy Love/Rainbow Rain
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