Bound to Become Classics

The rainy and foggy weather as well as the elegant and humanistic characteristics of England have formed a century-long insistance of practical and aesthetics. A.Brolly of England has always pursued superb craftsmanship, implementing the concepts of environmental protection and fashion, developing innovative R&D production technologies, and combining with advanced production methods and highly practical and functional designs to create globally adored umbrella series.

Brand Spirit

Endless pursuit of environment friendliness

In addition to the beautiful craftsmanship, A.Brolly also uses the forward-looking green concept (green thinking) as its core to help preserve the global environment.

By using fabrics made of recycled PET bottles and adopting a number of self-owned patents, A.Brolly ensures its products to be exceptionally durable. When selecting materials and designing products, A.Brolly always take product durability and waste reduction as its priorities.

With its superb quality, A.Brolly helps save the earth and let you to enjoy the "environmental protection, functions and aesthetic" when holding our umbrellas. It not only blocks the wind and the rain, but also helps block the damages people are doing to the environment.

Our Founders

A gentleman who has the courage to practise the concept of environmental protection and “do not want bad umbrellas to further damage our planet”

Stop the poor quality umbrellas from hurting the Earth

—Paul Thomas, co-founder of A.Brolly.

As the third generation of the UK's century-old umbrella company, in addition to our insistence on quality, we also like to do our parts to help bring the concept of environmental protection into reality.
In 2002, Grant Barnett became the exclusive umbrella vendor of umbrella products for 2012 London Olympics with our use of green fabric (made of recycled PET bottles), non-toxic and non-polluting production methods, and our sustainable development. Now, we have found a group of partners who shares the same goal and have the necessary technologies to realize it, which is to make the ultimate umbrellas that will hold up under all kind of bad weathers.

A Taiwanese who simply wants to make the best commercial umbrellas and never hides from any challenge

We never hide under the umbrella when it rains.

—Jason Su, Co-founder of A.Brolly

The blown, distorted and damaged umbrellas we saw on the streets are inspiring us to make better umbrellas. As a professional umbrella maker, we are not afraid of challenges and setbacks. When challenges are as daunting as the heavy rain, we are even more enthusiatic about moving forward and breaking through limitations.
What we want our customers to hold up is not just an umbrella, but also their thirst for a more convenient life.
Please be sure to experience A.Brolly's perfect quality firsthand!

Brand History

An Extraordinary Story of the Best British Umbrella

1900 - 2018

Grant Barnett, a well-known century-old umbrella brand company founded in January of 1900, is a leading brand, supplier and manufacturer of rain gear products in United Kingdom known for supplying all kinds of high-quality umbrellas, parasols, boots and raincoats.

They have been making umbrellas for others for years, noting that due to the price factors, cheap umbrellas continue to enter the market and become wastes in a matter of months because of the low quality.

These waste umbrellas produce lots of garbage for the earth and cause pollution to the environment. At the moment, there are only two methods available to handle the waste umbrellas in the world – landfill and sea reclamation, both of which cause serious water pollution. The problem is very few people realize this fact.

As a result, Grant Barnett launched its own brand A.Brolly in 2016. Designed by British fashion designers, our umbrellas adopt unique materials and technologies to offer special features and environmental-friendly materials and processing.

Our philosophy is to create high-quality umbrellas that can last 10-plus years, so as to help reducing the number of waste umbrella produced each year. At the same time, we also continue to research and develop new materials to help create products that are highly functional, fashionable and eco-friendly.

Check out our umbrella today to experience what an excellent umbrella is like firsthand.