Grant Barnett, a well-known century-old umbrella brand company founded in January of 1900, is a leading brand, supplier and manufacturer of rain gear products in United Kingdom known for supplying all kinds of high-quality umbrellas, parasols, boots and raincoats.

They have been making umbrellas for others for many years, noting that due to the price factors, cheap umbrellas continue to enter the market and become wastes in a matter of months because of the low quality.

These waste umbrellas produce lots of garbage for the earth and cause pollution to the environment. At the moment, there are only two methods available to handle the waste umbrellas in the world – landfill and sea reclamation, both of which cause serious water pollution. The problem is very few people realize this fact.

As a result, Grant Barnett launched its own brand, A.Brolly, in 2016. Their umbrellas, designed by British fashion designers, adopt unique materials and technologies to offer special features while being friendly to the environment.

A.Brolly's philosophy is to create high-quality umbrellas that can last 10-plus years for the public, so as to help reducing the number of waste umbrella produced each year. At the same time, we also continue to research and develop new materials to help create products that are highly functional, fashionable as well as eco-friendly.

Grab your A.Brolly today to truly know what an excellent umbrella should be like.


A.Brolly is committed to pursue a living attitude of "Green, functional, and aesthetic", using a forward-looking green-thinking concept as our core to fully recycle and reuse the precious resources given to us by the Earth. Furthermore, with sustainable development of the brand in mind, we also carefully study the needs of global and aim to provide them with uniquely designed umbrellas that are of high-quality and superbly durable.


When you are holding an A.Brolly umbrella from U.K., you will first notice the very different quality and hand feel of its handle, shaft and canopy. Its AquaRepel feature allows you to dry your wet umbrella in a split second, and its exclusive Vortex and AntiBlaster features enable you to use the umbrella effortlessly so you can place your mind in the more important places.

Aqua Repel

After the dyeing process is completed on the fabric of an A.Brolly umbrella, the fabric will be treated with nano-grade water-repellency agent. It will create an invisible protective layer on the fibers of the fabric, so the rain and dirt may not attach onto the fabric. The rain will become water drops on the fabric surface and slide right down along the fabric instead of being absorbed into the fibers. It allows you to get rid of the water with a small shaking action, and you can enter a building or your car without worrying about wetting other objects.

Cool Temp

For those who need to go out in the sunny days but want no part of sunburn, A.Brolly’s CoolTemp feature is to add a layer of specially-treated nylon film on the inside of the fabric which can block 99.9% of the light and reduce the temperature by 25% beneath our umbrella. Under the protection of CoolTemp from A.Brolly, you can enjoy a cool walk under the summer sunshine.

UV Shield

Exposure to ultraviolet (UV) will not only darken your skin, it will age and loosen your skin, create dark spots and wrinkles, thicken your cutin, cause rashness, pain, sunburn along with other injuries. In some extreme cases it may even lead to skin cancer. The UVshield feature of A.Brolly provides the protection of UPF50+, the highest level of UV protection scale, and isolates UV completely, so you are fully protected from the possible damages caused by the UV.

Wind Brace

The WindBrace feature from A.Brolly is to use a special ribs structure to allow the ribs to make a small degree of flipping when the wind is too strong so as to offset the force. You just need to shake gently, and the umbrella will return to its original state. Through this feature, no matter how strong the wind is, the umbrella will remain free of damage in most circumstances and become something that you can use for many years to come. By significantly lowering the chance of becoming a waste umbrella, it helps reducing pollution and burdens to the environment and the Earth.


Do you have experience in walking pass through heavy crowd with an umbrella in the rain? Did you have to frequently turn your wrist or raise/lower your umbrella to avoid colliding with umbrella held by other people? The Vortex feature from A.Brolly allows the canopy portion to spin along with opposing force so you can walk quickly and elegantly through the crowd without having to pay attention and dodge other umbrellas.

Anti Blaster

Generally, when you close an automatic umbrella, you need to forcefully push the canopy section back into place until it is buckled. If you somehow carelessly let go of it, the canopy section will storm back and might hit others. In view of this, A.Brolly developed a safety shaft mechanism called AntiBlaster. It not only allows you to push back the canopy section effortlessly with minimum force, in the process of pushing back the shaft will automatically lock up section by section. Even if you let go during the way, the canopy will stay where it is without charging back. For those who have lesser strength, closing an umbrella no longer requires you to apply all your force and stay alert all the way. Instead, they can close an umbrella as easily as it gets.

Eco Stream

The ultimate goal of A.Brolly is to provide you with a high quality umbrella while protecting the environment and the earth simultaneously. Therefore, we insist on using only the most eco-friendly materials, such as exclusively introducing the Non-Water Dye technology that dyes fabric without using a single drop of water, or using the fabrics woven with eco-yarn made of recycled PET bottles, or adopting the Non-PFC water repellency agent, etc. We are fully committed to protect our environment within our capability, and in terms help our customers to become a guardian of the Earth as well.




In the Victorian Era of the 19th century, elements such as lace, mesh, frills, ribbons, and bows were used on clothes to emphasize the feminine side and fashionable tastes of women. Formerly a royal garden built during the Victorian Era, Kew is located in Richmond upon Thames in mid-southern rural London. By using it as a symbol of the splendid era, the Kew series by A.Brolly utilizes colorful gardens and hues of green to represent the versatile images of women. Combined with a unique lightweight design and a floral canopy pattern, the umbrella represents class and elegance more than ever.


  1. Repel Design
  2. Extra-large pouch
  3. Convenient popper button
  4. Blocks out least 99.9% of all lights
  5. Lowers by 8°C in 15 minutes
  6. High density carbon steel+FRP ribs
  7. Floral design canopy
  8. Floral pouch storage at handle


The Savile series by A.Brolly was born with the idea to make men more fashionable and classic. Using suit textiles in umbrellas and a lightweight design, the series gives urban gentlemen a unique yet classic taste.


  1. Leather wrist strap, handle metal ring
  2. Popper button with logo
  3. 100% Formosa Taffeta polyester fiber textile
  4. All aluminum ribs+FRP materials
  5. Safety button
  6. Waterproof pouch




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